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On Sunday morning, August 5, 1855, 21-year-old Charles Haddon Spurgeon stepped behind the pulpit of New Park Street Chapel to challenge his congregation to follow the example of one of the saints who had inspired his ministry, the apostle Paul. “As a preacher of the word,” Spurgeon said of Paul, “he stands out pre-eminently as…

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That Monster Under the Bed to the Right of the Old Box of Cheetos but not Quite as Far Back as the Half Eaten Gyro….Autobiographical


What is it that scares me and makes me want to run away in terror, screaming like my 12 year old daughter when she found out that Sean Curran was local….(yeah, you don’t know him and neither do I)….

What is this (in the words of Paul Washer speaking on a more somber subject and a much more frightening one) “One great, dark monster”?…..


Well, it is what the Germans call “liebe”



but we in the good ole ‘Murica call “that horrible thing that happens to people who do not guard their hearts and they fall into some sort of stupor that causes them to spend way too much money and way too much time on someone that will more than likely just use them and laugh at their penny loafers even though I got them for a good price and that should show that I am at least somewhat good with money…”…..or “love” in short.

Why is this such a scary concept for me?

Why does the thought of having coffee with a member of the opposite sex cause me to want to hide under the covers and cower in fear?

Am I not courageous?

Am I not from the ancestry of Scotland….men who embodied a brave heart or at least had a movie named for that quality?


Did Hollywood and Mel Gibson lie to me about my kilted ancestors?

Was William Wallace really quartered?

Does the Quarter Pounder really weigh….

th (1)


wait, no, off topic…



Why is  it so difficult to get past the initial coffee date?


I go out…I have a nice vanilla latte…I enjoy said latte…a woman sits across from me and says things…I say things back…sometimes I have a good time…

…and then I find some reason to never speak to her again.

Not because I think she is gross or has a bland personality….I mean, I am certainly not Marty Feldman, Peter Lorre or any of those other Hollywood Casanovas…so who am I to be picky on looks?

Marty Feldman Young Frankenstein

It is something else….

Something a little darker….scarier….

something that makes me want to pull a Willy Wonka


(not that one…I just like that one)


I think it is the thought that I could get hurt…, that’s not the truth….


The truth is that (at least I think) that it is that someone could love me…..

….and that would mean that my life would have to change.

I would have to put myself into a new relationship…and find out things that are more than “what’s your favorite film”

I’d have to put time, effort, care and open my heart to actually feeling something for someone and be responsible for their heart….

th (2)


Maybe the problem is not with someone else…


Maybe the problem is with me…..


Maybe I am the one that others should be afraid of…..


Maybe I should go and get that Quarter Pounder that I have been wanting since I mentioned it earlier….


Yeah, I should definitely go and get that wonderful and succulent culinary masterpiece…..




mmmmmmmm soooo goood…..


You can go now…….the end

to a past me


“What you know…

I thought I knew…

until I aged….

and became me…


I then realized that I knew nothing and began to learn life anew.


When I looked to me….

all that I could see…

was me.

My sinful life…

pathetic and self absorbed….

wasted, hopeless, vacant, forgotten, unloved, unwept, undeserving.

When I looked to Christ….

I saw salvation…

and my need of redemption…

my need for the love of a Great Savior…


Then I saw the world….


broken, hurting, blinded, confused….

the same need as me….

the need of a Great Savior….

My Great Savior.

My King.

….and nothing was the same again.

just a second…

I’m not trying to be a certain way but please, someone let me know of any country that would accept anyone that just so happens to want to live in their country with no conditions attached? As an addendum, please tell me how France, Nigeria, England, Germany, Japan, Italy, and even Canada would deal with non-citizens who do not comply with set standards for entry and residence. I absolutely believe that America should allow those that want to live in this land, a fair opportunity to do so…but there are ways to go about it…same as anywhere else.

That being said….a wall is stupid.

Does the Equation Add Up?

To Whom It May Concern:


you are a Christian…

you believe in creationism…

believe that God created male and female (Adam and Eve)…

and believe that every man and woman descended from these first parents…

whether you are Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran or whatever denomination you claim….

how can you justify holding to any racist leaning?



It is inconsistent for a Christian to be racist.


Whoops there goes racism….